My husband and I are originally from New York and were looking for someone to help us figure out which Portland neighborhood would be right for us for our pending move. We were in town for a week and thought we would poke our heads into a local real estate office and start our search by chatting with someone about what we were looking for and what was available.

The first office we visited referred us to their website and made no attempt to spend any time with us. The other real estate agent we had been corresponding with via email for the weeks leading up to the visit was spotty in her follow up and sent us listings that were clearly not vetted.

Tom was the only person who not only sat down with us when we came into his office unexpectedly, but also took the time to listen to us and made the effort to present us with listings that were tailored to our needs and desires. He spent the whole week showing us houses in different neighborhoods and going into details about the pros and cons of each house and location. Tom got to know us and we got to know him, and, in the end, it was that mutual trust that helped us pull the trigger on buying a house that we saw on the first day of our search.

We loved the house, but were understandably hesitant to settle on one of the first places we saw. Tom patiently showed us many different listings and made a point to not rush us into doing anything we weren’t comfortable with. We saw houses in the same price range and houses above and below the price range, giving us very useful points for context and comparison. By the time we made the offer, we were confident in our choice and had the benefit of having Tom hold our hand through the entire process, answering our many questions and alleviating any concerns or nerves along the way. We had not expected to find a house so quickly, but with Tom’s help, we feel like we made the perfect choice for our first home.

Tom consistently went above and beyond expectations and now we have a home we love in a neighborhood we couldn’t be happier with. Our confidence in his abilities is so high we immediately recommended his services to close friends looking to relocate to the area.

― George & An