About Tom

I was born & raised and have lived in the Portland Metro Area most of my life. My family’s history and the development of the Portland area go back many generations. In my mid-twenties I moved away from Portland for 10 years to live in a sunny climate. While away I had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world, and in doing so I realized that Portland is a pretty special place to live. So in 2006 I moved back to my native Portland and to some “real” weather. I love all four spectacular seasons Portland has to offer and love all of the outdoor activities that go along with them. I’m a volunteer and a contributor to The Children’s Healing Art Project; an art therapy program for children and their families in pediatric hospitals throughout Portland. I am also a big brother mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. I meet weekly with my “Little Brother. Selfless acts of kindness bring much joy to my life.

In arriving at my destination as a real estate agent my career took a few paths. From an extensive background in Interior Visual Design and Corporate Re-branding to Facilities & Maintenance Management. They all contributed to my solid management skills with years of experience in interior design, painting & maintenance and all phases/facets of project and people development. I’m a handyman with an advanced knowledge in all areas of home repair and creative thinking to better any living space and have a keen eye making me an asset to assist you in visualizing just how your world could settle into your new home.