Reflecting on 2016, looking ahead to 2017

It has been a year of many successes and challenges, from the Portland housing market to the contentious election season. But there is still much to stay positive about in the coming new year!

What do folks need to know about buying/selling in December and the winter season?
TK: In winter, especially December during the holidays, the people who are actually buying, the ones out actually looking, are very serious about buying. If you’re selling your house, you want it to sparkle.
What’s your take on the current Portland housing market?
TK: With the shift to a more neutral housing market, the brakes went on and buyers have stepped back. It leveled out the market–a more neutral, “normal” market is better for buyers and sellers. I believe it’s going to continue to be a robust market.
How do you think the current political climate will affect the housing market in 2017?
TK: I think Portland is going to continue to be thriving. A lot of the aspects of the economy in Portland continue to appreciate…there are a lot of companies pulling people to the area, and that will continue.
What are your professional goals for the new year?
TK: I have my new marketing piece going out (see below). I want to focus on more listings while still entertaining the buyers I have and will continue to have. My plan is to give away more dinners for 2 for all referrals that result in a closing 😉
What would you say are your biggest accomplishments in 2016?
TK: A lot of my clients have turned into friends this year! I’ve spent a lot of time with clients who turned into friends, and made a lot of new friends through them as well. My personal and professional life is a lot more balanced this year, resulting in a happier Tom.
Any new year’s resolutions?
TK: I’m starting a mentorship with Big Brothers/Big Sisters– I want to do more mentoring and volunteering. I’d also like to take two vacations this year!

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