Civil War Game – Ducks vs Beavers in Eugene Nov 27


The in-state rivalry that I anticipate will be more grueling than any Black Friday crowd, and quite possibly, more entertaining than watching two people fighting over the last stereo on sale at 4AM. The Civil War. The Beavers roll into Eugene to face the Oregon Ducks. The Beavs have not won this matchup for eons, and maybe it’s their time….or maybe it’s not. Both teams have been tried and tested this season, and this could be the game that sends the winner to the Rose Bowl to compete for the PAC 12 Title. The Ducks are the more dominate team, but if I were a Beaver fan, I wouldn’t skimp out on the drive to Eugene. The opportunity cost of could be the experience of a lifetime. It’s college football. Anything can happen…

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